House Lev by Metarquitectura

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Jul 2015 2:12 pm | Homes

The architectural practice of Metarquitectura designed the House Lev in Puebla, Mexico with a simple geometry that offers new dimensions to the materials used and gives high ceilings to the interior thus offering more space and an original design.

There was a lot of concrete and steel used in the structure but the use of wood over it reduces the industrial ambiance and transforms it into a warm and comfortable home. The end result is a combination of the two extremes, making the house very modern and highly functional.

The minimalism of the design is one of its most important features, nothing is added that doesn’t serve a precise purpose and the aim was to provide a house that takes care of every need rather than one that is filled with ornaments. This option also offered brighter and more spacious interiors further increased by transparent glass panels from floor to ceiling to link the interior with the terrace and nature around the house.



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