Hotel La Semilla

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jun 2016 8:28 am | Hotels & Spas

Hotel La Semilla is located around Playa del Carmen in Mexico and it offers a very comfortable and homey ambiance for your summer vacations with unobstructed views of the ocean as well as a stunningly beautiful interior.

The exterior might not seem like much but once you get inside you will be amazed by the careful attention to details and the elegance with which each of the nine rooms is decorated, reusing vintage pieces and repurposing some recycled pieces.

Alexis is one of the owners and according to his confession, the hotel takes its inspiration from the Rough Luxe movement which brings out the beauty of wear and tear in an unpretentious and fresh review of the past, thus combining rustic and vintage elements.

There are four room types, Cuartitos, Cuartos, Cuartos Terraza and Suites Terraza which have a view of Playa del Carmen and they vary in sizes as well as in their access to a terrace.



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