Horizon Media Office by a+i architecture

By : Mark V | 26 Nov 2011 11:17 pm | Interiors, Offices

A+ I architecture designed the new Horizon Media Office that occupies 9 different floors-found in 3 different buildings in midtown New York at some distance one from another. The company had to find a new, bigger place for their office since it is in a continuous development.

Horizon in collaboration with a+I architecture decided to move offices downtown because the area has a cultural impact and it`s also a real estate value for the company. And since the company is in a perpetual change the design had to fit this scenario so the design chosen is innovative,attracting clients and business partners.

The best addition in the overall design was the internal open stair that opens the three floors,making it easy to see all the way to the 14th floor social space from the 16th reception-and this represents the idea of the company: transparency and communication.

The three floors encourage circulation so that the employees can visit other departments,too.The 16th floor holds the reception and executive suite while the 15th floor has the glass presentation room leaving the terraced seating area and the other presentation room to the 14th floor.

The seating area makes you think it`s made from dunes,thanks to its undulating design and the entire office space has spared Horizon from renting hotel conference facilities. The innovative design sets the perfect atmosphere for technological equipment like a retractable 10-monitor screen in the main presentation room that encouraged the “face-to-face” communication.

The reception passage is flanked by a 50′ long “media wall” that tracks the stock market and also reveals the internet traffic, other metrics and the activity within Horizon.20 people can be seated in the executive screening room which has multiple functions.


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