Hollcroft Residence by Giulietti Schouten

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Jul 2016 9:27 am | Homes

Located in Portland, Oregon the Hollcroft Residence is a modern and attractive house created by the practice of Giulietti Schouten with a red wood façade toward the street.

The structure features a simple geometry which ressembles a wooden box and there are large windows on all sides to provide natural illumination inside along with a good link with the surrounding landscape. The interior is minutely designed with a tall ceiling and an open plan that takes advantage of all the contemporary means to provide comfort and diversity.

The first floor hosts the living area with a dining area and kitchen linked together and a red pendant lamp acting as a contrasting element to the overall neutral color palette. The predominant colors in the interior are neutral white and black with dark wood flooring and several furnishings to create a bit of diversity.

Using a highly evocative exterior and a mild interior which prefers comfort to opulence, the Hollcroft Residence takes the best elements of contemporary design and blends them into a consistent and functional whole.



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