Hog Pen Creek Residence by Lake Flato Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Feb 2015 8:41 am | Homes

The Hog Pen Creek Residence located in Austin, Texas was designed by the practice of Lake Flato Architects to connect with the outdoors but at the same time ensure the amenities needed for off-season living and the functions needed for them to train for the ironman triathlons.

The residential project is in a region with a lot of vegetation near Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin, so the landscape had to be integrated into the design. Three mature oak trees determined the orientation and an L shape footprint was chosen for more access points into the home with porches and walkways.

The owners wanted the living area to be close to the water so a stair-stepping boardwalk spine was implemented to allow the communication between the porches on the two ands and the master bedroom on the upper floor. The living area has a double height and is sheltered by the large trees with a barn-like door protecting the privacy of the bedroom spaces.


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