Het Lichtruim by GROUP A

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Sep 2016 1:25 pm | Education

Het Lichtruim is a cultural educational center designed by the GROUP A architectural practice for the De Bilt municipality in The Netherlands and it has a compact and flexible setting to be easily adapted to the needs of various users.

Spreading over 10500 square meters, the design encourages interaction and collectiveness while also offering private spaces in case the tenants need them. The surrounding area acts as a connecting element between the city and the structure with green courts Renovation Architecture and the Garden Village combining to integrate the large urban square in front of it.

The multifunctional complex comprises of an elementary school, childcare, youth assistance, music and arts center, a center for youth and family, public library, a theater and a gym with the two floors above hosting 20 residential apartments.

The design was created to ensure a highly efficient and user-friendly setting that is able to direct large flows of visitors with a folded canopy above the main entrance and two extra entrances leading to the individual residences and to the shared facilities.



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