Head Office for Storebrand by Link Arkitektur

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Jun 2013 5:10 pm | Offices

The practice of Link Arkitektur, one of the leading Scandinavian studios, designed the head office for Storebrand in Lysaker, Oslo, Norway.

The project is a transformation of an outdated building through the implementation of various natural and sustainable materials to create a pleasant working environment.

The building is located next to the Oslo highway and this created the problem of exposure to noise and pollution. To solve this problem, the designers used colt facades, the first of this kind in the country, which offer a great view, ventilation and noise reduction.

Spreading over a surface of 55000 square meters, the building hosts around 1500 employees of a Norwegian bank and an insurance company and the interior is designed as an open environment which encourages communication and collaboration between different branches.

The project also includes a wide range of facilities for the workers, such as a restaurant, two cafes, a shop, a gallery and several sports facilities. The Lysaker Park is connected to the restaurant and it includes a large wooden deck, a fishpond and a natural arena for outdoors events.



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