Hamburg Energy Bunker

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2013 5:14 pm | Infrastructure

This project is a restoration work of a former air raid bunker from the Second World War and it is now a renewable energy power plant. Located in Hamburg, Germany the project will provide carbon-neutral electricity for the residents of the Wilhelmsburg quarter.

The Hamburg Energy Bunker will provide electricity until 2025 for around 1000 households and heating until 2050 for around 3000 households while also reducing the carbon emissions by 95 percent which means more than six thousand tons each year.

The building uses solar energy, biogas, wood chips and waste heat from the industrial plant nearby to create the heat and it will feed the renewable power into the electricity grid to create around 22500 megawatt hours of heat and 3000 of electricity.

The energy bunker is a part of the 2013 International Building Exhibition Hamburg and it will have a permanent exhibition that focuses on the history of the site and the residents of the Reiherstieg district. A café was placed on the rooftop of the building and from the height of 130 feet it provides a great viewing platform for the surroundings.



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