Gubei Central Business District of Shanghai by David Adjaye

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jun 2014 9:13 am | Skyscrapers

The architect David Adjaye unveiled the images of his first project in China which is a mixed-use development in the Gubei Central Business District of Shanghai, in the Hongqiao Park and it is called Gubei SOHO.

The tower has a height of 170 meters and its geometry acts as a medium between the large park toward the north and the urban landscape of the south. The tower to the north holds the offices to permit a view of the city and plenty of natural light and the three dimensional pattern of the façade brings a sculptural feel to the exterior creating an interplay of light and shadow.

The project is easily accessible through the Yan’An highway and through several public transport links, which is important for the offices as well as for the retail spaces inside. The exterior was planned to integrate with the two large towers nearby, creating a balanced central business district.



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