A Grand Lakeside Home by Cornerstone Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Dec 2013 6:59 pm | Homes

This lakeside house was designed by the Cornerstone Architects practice with a waterside view to its front and a tropical garden to the back combined with a rustic charm in its style that makes the project very appealing and cozy.

The house uses warm wood grain, bold wrought iron and terracotta tilling to create a rustic aesthetic but they are combined with a lot of luxurious features such as the enormous swimming pool with a built-in hot tub alongside water fountains that make you feel more relaxed than ever.

The entrance to the swimming pool is framed by palm trees and this is directly connected with the house overlooking the large lake beyond the property. There is a large outdoor lounge area with a fireplace that allows you to enjoy the view and fresh air until late in the evening.

There is also a dining and entertainment area outdoors since the climate is usually warm enough and the interior has a traditional tone and decorations with hard backed chairs, Persian rugs and a large candelabra welcoming you right from the entrance.



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