Golden Ratio in SoHo

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Aug 2013 4:53 pm | Apartments

Located on Spring Street 2 in SoHo in Lower Manhattan, New York the Golden Ratio apartment features a beautiful space designed by the owners themselves and it is available for short term rental.

The apartment has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living room with bookshelves and pieces of art on the walls. The design uses a dark wood flooring to contrast the white walls while the kitchen offers a stainless steel shine along with white cabinets.

Access to the apartment is made through a private elevator and there is a children’s bedroom and a guest bedroom in addition to the main one. Each bed has curtains set up for extra privacy and there are shelves built in to add storage space.

The master bedroom is bright due to the floor to ceiling windows and there are polished chrome fixtures decorating it. Right next to the bedroom is the bathroom offering a large bathtub and a walk in shower.



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