Godden Cres by Dorrington Architects & Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jul 2016 10:21 am | Homes

The practice of Dorrington Architects & Associates designed the Godden Cres private residence in 2012 which is located in Auckland, New Zealand with an aesthetic that combines classical and modern elements to integrate within the natural landscape while also offering a comfortable environment for the inhabitants.

The geometry of the project is simple and modern comprising of several blocks that are connected by a flat roof element which houses the entrance and gallery leading to the interior courtyard with the swimming pool and to the main living area with glass sliding doors on both sides to maintain a constant visual connection with the garden.

One side hosts the kitchen, living room and dining area with access to the exterior while the other side is where the pool courtyard is located connected together through the sliding doors and an open plan interior that was designed by Debra Gardien.

The master bedroom is accessed through a set of stairs and it offers an overview of the garden and surroundings with the gallery being divided into a public and a private section.



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