Geoglifos Of Pintados Visitor Center by William Obregon + Aldo I Testa

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Jan 2014 8:49 pm | Other

The Geoglifos Of Pintados Visitor Center located in the dessert area of Tarapaca Region, Chile was designed by the practice of William Obregon + Aldo | Testa on an archaeological site of high scientific interest and protected by CONAF since it contains some pre-Hispanic manifestations dating from the 9th century with geometric forms, zoomorphous and anthropomorphous, reaching lengths of up to 100 meters making them the second biggest in South America.

The project tries to become one with the desert being submerged 1.5 meters to make the visitors feel buried with the material being removed to camouflage into the large expanse of sand and salt builds. This also managed to maintain a constant temperature with the accumulation of heat during the day and liberating it during nighttime.

The tour extends for a length of around a kilometer and there are three rest sites with a capacity of five persons. To safeguard the area there is housing for the national park ranger and controlled access to the sector.



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