Fuglsang Cuts by CEBRA

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Nov 2014 10:55 am | Other

Fuglsang Cuts is a housing complex located in Herning, Denmark that was designed in 2005 by the CEBRA architectural practice with a flexible concept that would permit the integration of several accommodation units in the same idea.

The complex is comprised of five blocks that can be adapted to the particular needs of each inhabitant so that it would attract a large segment of persons with the core of the concept being the central staircase with a parking area on the ground level.

There are apartments arranged either horizontally or vertically around the core depending on the size of each unit. The complex communicates with the surrounding landscape through windows that ensure the natural illumination during daytime as well as a view, and the designers also integrated a private terrace for each flat.

The combination of different layouts led to a different geometry for each of the five blocks but the architectural language brings them together into a unitary whole.


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