Fresno House by Felix Raspall and Federico Papandrea

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 May 2015 8:32 pm | Homes

Designed by Felix Raspall and Federico Papandrea the Fresno House is located in Carilo, Argentina, near the Atlantic Ocean, and it features a great contemporary design that does a great job in mingling with the environment. The house is raised in a small forest clearing and is perpendicular on the slope so that it has transversal transparency.

The ground floor of the house hosts the living room, the dining room; the kitchen and the studio all of them with floor to ceiling walls to offer the best view and permit as much natural light as possible to provide illumination. This floor also has a lot of sliding doors leading to the outdoor terrace which has a swimming pool, a patio and a grill space offering a great place for an outdoor party. On the second floor is the private section which includes three bedrooms and gives access to a large terrace.

Surrounded by a forest, the exterior has a simple geometry and uses a lot of glass and faced concrete along with white masonry on the floors to provide a design that fits in really well with the luxuriant green behind it.



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