Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles by sfa design

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jun 2013 6:35 pm | Hotels & Spas

The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles located in Beverly Hills employed the luxury interior design firm sfa design to bring the traditional- styled interiors up to date while also incorporating the elements of the classic Four Seasons flora and offer glimpses of the rich history of the Old Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

The scope of the renovation covered 285 guestrooms and suites, the guest corridors, elevator lobbies, Windows bar and lounge, bar patio and expansion, ballroom and pre-function space and the library, offering these spaces a warm and colorful Southern-California style that uses a classic aesthetic to provide an elegant and impressive space.

The main inspiration is the Hollywood of the 1940s and the palette uses white and gold as the predominant colors along with warm tans, fair woods and aqua along with the traditional natural elements present in the hotel’s design, namely the spherical flora as a decorative theme.

The hotel already has a tradition for being the place of choice for some of Hollywood’s most important events, such as the film premier press junkets, celebrity weddings or charity benefits, and with the new look, it will surely continue to be so.



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