Forfatterhuset Kindergarten by COBE

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Oct 2014 10:20 pm | Education

The Forfatterhuset Kindergarten is a daycare center located in Copenhagen, Denmark which was designed by the COBE architectural practice with a warm façade made of special bricks to integrate with the historic surroundings and to create a cozy setting for the children.

There are five small structures with green roofs and gardens which create the framework for the project and it was inaugurated in July 2014. The project began in2012 with a competition won by COBE and they created the project in collaboration with the PK3 landscape architects and with D.A.I. as the engineers.

The kindergarten is in the historic center of the city and it is mostly inhabited by nursing homes and senior housing, so the designers wanted to preserve the tone of the region through the use of red bricks that are actually vertical lamellae going from one house to the next and surrounding the playground and garden. The overall aesthetic appears as a small village with five houses of up to three floors.


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