Floating Office for Waternet by Attika Architekten

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Jan 2015 7:42 pm | Offices

The Waternet company is a Dutch public company dealing with water supply, sewerage and water management and their new office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands was designed by the Attika Architekten practice as a floating structure set between the company vessels in the northern part of the city harbors.

There are two floating concrete caissons that act as the basis of the building and the overall surface of the structure has 31×12 meters with three levels, so the proportions make it the largest ark in the country. The entrance and office space are on the first floor with the showers and storage areas in the underwater basement and the upper level is reserved for a canteen with a double height.

The volume has a timber frame and a thatched façade that can be disassembled when it isn’t needed anymore to be transformed into reusable components. The heating and cooling is ensured through a complex system that takes heat or cold from the water.


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