Fiona Stanley Hospital by HASSELL

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Feb 2015 8:19 am | Other

The Fiona Stanley Hospital located in Perth, Western Australia was designed by the HASSELL studio in collaboration with the architects Silver Thomas Hanley and Hames Sharley to create a cohesive relation with the nearby landscape with a tessellated façade and expansive green vistas incorporated.

The project spreads over a surface of 140,000 square meters and it also includes a lot of public green areas with relaxing vistas. The designers asked the help of Dr. Roger Ulrich who determined that the well being, both spiritual and physical can be influenced by the architecture around us, so the views from each room were optimized while also permitting as much natural light inside as possible.

The layout inside is open and very flexible to allow future extensions as well as new developments in the fields of medical research or clinical treatment. Aside from the functional parts, the hospital is decorated with artworks and different tactile surfaces or fragrant plants to stimulate the senses of the patients and thus help the healing process.


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