Family Duplex by Monica Lopez Andreu and Miguel Angel Carretero

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Mar 2013 11:31 am | Homes

‘This apartment near Barcelona, Spain offers a modern and varied space with a lot of interesting elements and it also provides a lot of comfort.

The owners are a family with two children and the home they wanted had to have a lot of open spaces and plenty of light so that it would be a place where you would wish to spend as much time as you could.

The apartment was designed by the interior designer Monica Lopez Andreu and by the architect Miguel Angel Carretero who created the first level as a multifunctional room that includes the living and dining areas, a large work area and the kitchen.

Although in the same space, each region has a specific design that tries to hint at its purpose, so that the living area combines different styles to provide a place that puts comfort first, the dining area has elegant furnishings that seem to be inspired by the aquatic environment, and the work space has a library and different types of chairs trying to mingle the formal and the informal.

The second level is reached through a minimalist spiral stairway that tries to occupy as little space as possible, and this level is where the master bedroom, the dressing room and the children playground are located along with a bathroom. Another staircase leads to the mezzanine bedroom where the children sleep.



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