Exhibition at Alpinarium Galtür by Holzer Kobler

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Oct 2016 4:56 pm | Other

“At the top” is the name of the new permanent exhibition at the Alpinarium Galtur in Austria and it focuses on the position of the place and its relation to the rest of the world.

The exhibition was curated and created by the practice of Holz Kobler Architekturen to offer different interpretations and perspectives from a cultural, artistic, historical and philosophical perspective, each of them placed in one of the five spheres.

The spheres try to examine the meaning of the “beginning and end”, “at the top and at the bottom” or “people and mountains” to explore the connection between Galtur and the rest of the world, either using historical methods, scientific ones or just through introspection and creativity such as in the case of the works of art that rather than offering a clear answer try to bring out new points of view.

The exterior of the project is also a preparation for the exhibition due to the circular cut-outs and tracks on the façade that offer glimpses of the interior and invite the visitors indoors.



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