Estação Antártica Comandante Ferraz by Estúdio 41

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 May 2013 2:17 pm | Other

The international competition for the Estação Antártica Comandante Ferraz was won by the architectural practice of Estudio 41 and they proposed a project that combines high technology with a great aesthetic to offer a shelter in the harsh climate of Antarctica.

The Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station is the Brazilian home in Antarctica and it provides a safe place for the scientists that study the region.

The designers took into consideration the topography of the Keller Peninsula and the needs for conservation in some of the areas to provide a structure that will have a minimal impact on the wildlife. The Environmental Zoning of Use also put several conditions that had to be followed.

The structure they created is organized into functional blocks each with its use, the upper block housing the cabins, the service areas and the living quarters, while the lower block incorporates the laboratories and the operation and maintenance areas. There are also garages in this block and a central barn.

There is a transversal block as well which includes the auditorium, the meeting room, a library and living room, and all of the blocks are suspended on adjustable columns for optimal adaptability to the climate. Aside from the main blocks the complex also has a boathouse, a helipad, fuel tanks and a set of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines to provide the energy required.



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