Element Café by designphase dba

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Mar 2014 8:35 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Located in the Amara Hotel in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore, the Element Café was designed by the designphase dba studio and it is the flagship dining space for the hotel offering 150 seats and an elegant contemporary style that wants to re-engage the loyal guests and to attract new clients as well.

The designers had a conceptual approach on the project with a focus on the origins of the brand so the elements were the culinary ingredients used for the meals. The café was visually connected to the lobby of the hotel to invite the guests inside and the decorations are mostly provided by natural themes such as the herringbone pattern of the marble and timber floor to harmonize with the fresh products displayed on the buffet.

The buffet was designed as individual tables and it showcases the menu separating the various cuisine categories. The dining room offers several seating options for individual and up to complete party spaces with operable sound and lightning controls to suit either atmosphere appropriately.



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