Electric by Mathieu Lehanneur

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 May 2015 2:02 am | Infrastructure, Urban

Electric is the new cultural platform in Paris and it was designed by Mathieu Lehanneur and it offers an innovative and amazing design.

Spreading over 1380 square meters with several trunk-like electrical braids connecting the ceiling and the floor and with the illumination spots placed like branches over the entire ceiling, the image the space provides is that of a gothic landscape during the day, while at night everything begins to transform into a dazzling spectacle of light and color.

There is a lounge with interspersed soundproof modules and also a terrace that spreads over 80 square meters along with the ballroom floor which offers a great Paris perspective through the integration of the ring road as a foreground that moves continually. The space could become a restaurant during the day, or a lounge or club at night since its versatility leaves it to the imagination to do with it anything you want.

The space was already reserved by We Love Art and Kavinski as the launch place for their new album and there is a rumor about a giant swimming pool being installed in the car park during the summer.



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