Education Agency and Tax Offices Building in Netherlands

By : Mark V | 13 Oct 2011 11:10 am | Skyscrapers

This marvelous tower located in Groningen, Netherlands, is 92 meters tall and even if it’s an institutional building  hosting the EEA (Education Executive Agency) and Tax Offers as well, it has a very interesting design. It has undulating curves, the modern design also being eco friendly, thus replacing the traditional image of a governmental office. The façade has daylight penetration and it also has shading to cool the building off.

The heat is kept outside the building with the help of horizontal fins. It was designed by UNStudio with consortium DUO², being one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe for two governmental offices (the Education Executive Agency and the Tax Offices from Netherlands).

The building has a nice view, it it surrounded by a big garden that has a pond. The building can incorporate 2,500 workstations, there is also a special place designed to park 1,500 bicycles and 675 cars in an underground garage. Ben Van Berkel explained that an important aspect that they took into consideration was the fact that the design of the building enables transparency. Each corridor offers a different type of landscape.

The designers have diminished the impact on the surroundings using modern technology. The height of the building was reduced by 7.5 meters. This was done by lowering the floor heights [3.3 m rather than 3.6 m].Artificial ventilation is reduced with the help of engineering shafts and punctured holes (façade grills) in the building.

On the 11th floor you can find the high pressure ventilation system. The building doesn’t use too much external energy sources because there is an underground energy storage. The idea is to use the residual energy from the offices and data center in the future to heat the homes that will surround this site.

The design of the building allows changes. It can be transformed into housing without having to make drastic changes. The elevators, technical spaces and stairs were placed in key locations and the designers didn’t choose the normal structural grid of 1.80 m, they went for the 1.20 m structural grid.

The structure of the building has a spectacular impact when it comes to architectural design and it was also built to be energy efficient. This is why it is one of the most eco friendly buildings in the Netherlands.

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