Edgeland Residence by Bercy Chen Studio

By : Mark V | 23 May 2015 8:15 pm | Homes

This marvelous house is called the Edgeland residence and it is located on a brownfield site, offering an experiment of old and new, by combining the Native American pit house with the contemporary design standards. The project was set on the bank of the Colorado River and was designed by the architectural practice of Bercy Chen Studio.

The advantage of the sunken pit house is the thermal comfort provided by the mass of the earth keeping it cool during summer and warm during winter and it also offers a unique symbiosis with the nature around it. This setting, when combined with an integrated hydronic HVAC system also offers great functionality and efficiency making the residence self-sustaining when it comes to energy.

The design also offers the advantages of a modern abode with a geometric shape and the separated interior sections all set in floor to top glass walls. One of the sections contains the kitchen, dining room and living room and the other one is designed as the private bedroom section.

Apart from its original idea, this design offers the best comfort without forgetting about the environment and the surrounding nature.

[Bercy Chen Studio]

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