Duplex From A Historic Panama Building

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Oct 2016 4:06 pm | Apartments

This two bedroom duplex is located in a historic building in the Casco Viejo, meaning old town, of Panama City and its exposed stone walls were built during the 17th century with the rest of it dating from the 1th century.

The building received a renovation in 2011 and it led to its conversion into an apartment building with eight apartment units. The apartment we are featuring is located on the third and fourth floors and it is currently available on the market for the sum of 410000 dollars.

The duplex has a lot of modern features such as central air conditioning, built-in sound system and sun shades on the skylights which can be adjusted by remote control. The flooring is made with Italian ceramic tiles and it complements the walls and the wooden textures to create a very warm and cozy interior.

The living room opens toward the balcony and provides views to the street while the kitchen is separated by the living area through a concrete island.



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