The Dune House by Wolveridge Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Sep 2013 9:43 am | Homes

Located in Queensland, Australia, the Dune House is a project designed in 2010 by the practice of Wolveridge Architects as a study of the connection which can be achieved between a building and the landscape, a theme which is a constant concern within the design team.

The site for the project is flat and spreads over a surface of 1600 square meters thus allowing a good place for exploration. The building is designed as a series of pavilions and the central area is surrounded by two linear ones of similar size one hosting the garage and bedrooms while the other contains the living area and kitchen.

The shape of the pavilions is taken from the idea of a plantation with their long and low rooflines while the main pavilion has a timber framing toward the street restricting the hot sun from that direction. There are four main bedrooms with a fifth additional one and all rooms are open to the exterior to allow cross ventilation.



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