Doppio Hotel and Offices by ArchitekturConsult

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Jan 2016 10:27 pm | Hotels & Spas, Offices, Other

The T-Center St. Marx urban development has been finalized in June 2012 when the Doppio Hotel and the office building next to it were opened. The construction for the complex took eight years and the site is in the Rennweg99 area of Wien, Austria which now became a prominent location with two disc-like structures defining the project.

The imposing structure uses dark materials and through the unity of the hotel and office building they create a common forecourt that defines the entire surroundings with the roads, green spaces and car park. There are also additional transition and connection areas that unite the multifunctional building to that it becomes a part of the city’s traffic flow.

Although the “New Marx” project was completed from an architectural standpoint, it just now begins to be inhabited and it will grow continually so that in 2016 it is estimated that 15000 persons will work here.



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