Dom’Up by Bruno de Grunne and Nicolas D’Ursel

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Feb 2015 4:12 pm | Other

The arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne along with the architect Nicolas D’Ursel started the Trees and People project as a way of improving the relationship between man and nature and one of their projects is the Dom’Up treehouse cabin which can be easily transported and installed in the middle of a natural environment without impacting the site.

The roof is made of thermo-welded tarpaulin which is resistant to UV and the entire treehouse only needs two trees from which to get suspended. The surface of the house covers 172 square feet and is made of galvanized steel with natural wooden flooring that can be removed.

The house can be purchased for the sum of 28,215 dollars and can resist for years in the same place once it is implemented. The Dom’Up is set up in a period of around two days and the system of fasteners used to suspend it leaves no traces on the trunks.


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