Dome House by Steve Areen

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Apr 2013 8:05 pm | Homes

Something doesn’t necessarily have to be exorbitantly priced to be beautiful or original and this project is one that definitely proved this idea. This Dome House is located in Thailand and was designed by Steve Areen with materials sourced from the nearby sources.

Spreading over a surface of 500 square feet, this home was built in just six weeks and its total cost reached the sum of 9000 US dollars, making it extremely cheap and quick to build. Since there isn’t any requirement for a building permit in Thailand there were no additional costs and this also made the entire project develop faster and the site for the building was on his brother in law’s mango farm.

After the basic structure was built, he spent some more months to add the other details such as the doors, the screens, shelves, a pond, a gazebo and work on the landscaping and furnishings. The illumination is naturally provided by several cutouts in the roof during the day and it has electricity and water heating. The design and construction turned out to be a revelation for Steve Areen and he plans to continue in the same fashion in Oregon with a house built with earthen bricks.



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