DLC House by Vanguarda Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Aug 2013 7:18 pm | Homes

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the DLC House features a modern minimalist design with a simple geometry and it was created by the practice of Vanguarda Architects.

The architecture features a large enclosing wall containing the entire functions of the house and this side is open toward the backyard so that it ensures privacy toward the front and an open plan toward the lake and the natural surroundings.

There is a stone folded wall which gives access to the house and separates the parking area from the service area containing the laundry, storage room, pantry a service bedroom and a bathroom. The left side from the entrance hosts a study and the sitting room has a double height with a staircase that provides access to the second floor.

The sitting room integrates the dining room and the kitchen all of them into an open plan that opens toward the rear façade with a large terrace leading to the swimming pool. The house includes other bedrooms as well with two en-suites and they are meant to be used by the owner’s children and their families.



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