Diomeda penthouse by SOSTUDIO / Sergio Orduna Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Sep 2016 1:55 pm | Homes

Sleek and bright, the luxurious Diomeda penthouse is a project designed by the practice of SOSTUDIO / Sergio Orduna Architects in 2013 and it is located in the commercial area of Puerto Cancun, Cancun, Mexico.

The design is very modern but it also has an organic aesthetic with curved lines that make each interior seem unique while also maintaining a good connection with the surrounding landscape and wonderful view of the hotel area with the Caribbean.

According to the designers the project attempts to be a reflection of the firm’s innovative vision and of their perspective of the modern style which is why they integrated materials and technologies which seem avant-garde.

The illumination was a central part of the project so that extra attention was paid to the way in which it enhances the wood, aluminum, glass, steel or mosaic panels to create a stylish and cool ambiance.



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