Dinesh Mill Bungalow by Atelier dnD

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Jun 2015 4:30 pm | Homes

The architectural practice of Atelier dnD designed the Dinesh Mill Bungalow located in Baroda, India, just outside of Vadodara city.

They used the minimalism current as their guide and created a transparent space with a simple geometry to permit the building to connect with its surroundings. The location is filled with vegetation and this had to be preserved as much as possible while constructing the home, an aspect that caused several changes in the design.

The house also had to provide a home for the family and take care of their needs through the functionality it provided, so the designers placed a white cantilever porch from the main driveway and it leads through an extended corridor to all the other spaces.

There are three exterior verandas are each connected to either living room or bedroom and serve as semi-opened extensions of these spaces. The exterior is also defined by the long pool which spreads next to the living spaces and the master bedrooms to provide cool air when needed and the pool also links with the lawn thus being the element which connects the exterior with the interior.

There is also a terrace that can be reached through an external stairway and it includes a Jacuzzi and a wonderful view of the nearby forest thus offering all the functionality that a home needs.



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