Design Studio HQ by Archer Architects

By : Mark V | 20 Apr 2016 3:41 am | Interiors, Offices

The firm of Archer Architects designed their own headquarters in London as a flexible, vast and inspiring studio. It offers plenty of functionality and contains project rooms, space for observation, a gathering room along with a platform for displaying the products and a convergence demonstration facility.

The whole project was also designed as a standard for what the clients are to expect and thus it offers very many surprising elements. To remove the linearity and excessive minimalism which could have set in,the designers took off the ceiling panels to let in plain sight the spanning trusses that were lying there.

This feature not only removes the “office feeling” but gives it a more industrial atmosphere and thusa perfect contrast to the surface below. This change, offering the effect of a plenum chamber, led to the modification of the original ventilation and extraction systems and the lighting was also redesigned to put even more focus on this area of the space.

This project isn’t finished, but just a part of what is to come, since the studio which now has 35 persons will quickly evolve to host 76 people and the accommodation shall be provided with the aid of the furniture system, Beta by Tecno. Actually this system which is perfect for a mobile environment is used for the first time in England in this project.


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