De Waterkant Apartment by AA Interiors and OKHA Interiors

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Feb 2014 5:44 pm | Apartments

The practice of Antoni Associates Interiors in collaboration with the OKHA Interiors studio designed this elegant contemporary apartment in the De Waterkant area of Cape Town, South Africa which offers a lot of urban delights such as eateries, fashion outlets or artistic venues.

The designers used the location to create a luxurious interior that reflects the glamour of the area representing the modern day urban African with a focus on the rhythm, graphic and geometric shapes. The interior is decorated with avant-garde pieces of art and the furniture is bespoke so that it would be capable of hiding the clutter accumulated.

The storage spaces were maximized through the use of tables, and the bookshelves double as an installation artwork. The finishes used are quite luxurious and they manage to create a very rich ambiance due to elements such as the marble accents or the herringbone timber floor to add a touch of warmth to the monochromatic interior.



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