Curzon boutique cinema in London by Afroditi Krassa

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Sep 2016 2:05 pm | Other

The new cinema in the Curzon boutique cinema chain of London, UK was designed by the Afroditi Krassa interior studio with a classical aesthetic which tries to reinvent the movie experience.

The cinema curtains on the shopfront used to be a projection screen and the marquee was built in a digital format to be able to display static images as well as dynamic ones. There are four levels with a staircase bringing them together and the designers wanted a different look on each level.

The ground floor follows the fast pace and dynamic of the area with a large marble bar dominating the space and it also functions as a ticket office. The upper level hosts the sound and vision library where the customers can watch free films on LCD screens, or they can read movie magazines and books.

The auditoria on the lower levels are accessed through a darker passage so that it offers optimal projections with dramatic illumination in each of the five screening rooms.



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