Cove 3 House by SAOTA and Antoni Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Nov 2014 1:00 am | Featured, Homes

The Cove 3 House is a family home located in Knysna, South Africa and it was designed by the practice of Sfetan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects in collaboration with Antoni Associates.

The clients wanted a residence which would at first be used as a vacation home but later would become their main abode. The house is in the Cove development offering a great view toward the east and south as well as a sloping site to the south east.

The designers wanted to create a large living area with a roof element floating above it as a response to the slope and it was set at a height which creates the illusion of sitting in the landscape instead of in a room looking outside with a large triangular skylight to connect with the sky as well.

The design went through a complex solar analysis to ensure that no direct sun would penetrate inside with a horizontal sunscreen added to the glass façade and a timber screen on the skylight to mitigate the excessive natural light.

The upper floor is accessed via a spiral stair and it gives access to the private lounge and master bedroom, while an L-shaped extension hosts the two children’s bedrooms.


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