Courmayeur Ski & Snowboard School by LEAPfactory

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2015 5:28 pm | Other

The Courmayeur Ski and Snowboard School on the slopes of Plan Checrouit in front of Mont Blanc in Italy was designed by the LEAPfactory studio in 2014 with a highly efficient and innovative layout. The project was built quick enough to be completed for the Christmas 2014.

The designers used a new LEAPs3 construction system that permitted the assembly of the whole structure in a single week and the high performance materials and design ensure a very efficient interior with custom finishes.

The foundations are light and permit the transport or dismantling of the structure in the future and the materials are all eco-friendly and recyclable. There isn’t any concrete in the project and the construction system can be applied for both commercial and residential buildings that have the same high value, sustainable features and flexibility while at the same time benefiting from the quick assembly process that should significantly reduce the construction time.


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