Countryside Castle With a Secret Underground Eco Home

By : Mark V | 4 Feb 2013 3:13 pm | Homes

This unusual project was designed by the practice of De Matos Ryan Architects and it consists of the renovation of a tower into a modern home. After the tower was abandoned for several years and was also the seat of a fire, the owners managed to preserve the original design and expand it into something with extra utility.

This Round Tower is located in Gloucestershire, England, and the underground residence below it is ventilated and illuminated through a central open courtyard. The walls of the rooms are made out of transparent glass adding extra light to the place while a round opening permits extra light to enter through the roof and also offers a view of the tower above.

The walls that encompass the residence are built from concrete and use a system of thermal mass as a means of keeping the interior temperature at a constant.

The most interesting part about the design is that the historical part is completely visible from above, while the modern parts are kept out of sight, quite contrary to the way we usually perceive things. Here history is what can be seen, while the contemporary is just a background.


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