Contemporary Penthouse With Mirror Walls

By : Mark V | 12 Jul 2015 2:11 pm | Apartments, Interiors

Another novelty when it comes to designs: the mirror penthouse. The mirrors have different shapes and sizes and the asymmetric geometry that they show seems to widen the space. The penthouse is located in Berlin and it was designed by Lecarolimited. The apartment also has a beautiful fireplace, a kitchen and seating areas.

The rooms are divided based on their functions. It took the carpenter many hours to carve the mirrors. The colours used for the apartment are: grey ,black and orange. Orange brings warmth and colour to the house. The living room has interesting pieces of furniture.

They look as if they copied the texture of stone and the designers chose this colour to match the stone fireplace. Along the windows orange couches can be found. The mirrors used for the walls are a stroke of genius.They have a futuristic aspect and some elements of décor such as installations and sculptures copy the modern style.


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