Contemporary Art Center by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Mar 2013 7:29 pm | Other, Stores / Showrooms

This complex building was designed by the architectural practice of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos and it hosts the contemporary arts center of Cordoba, Spain. The designers took their inspiration from the traditional Islamic architecture, and using a nonlinear web of hexagons reminiscent of a bee hive, they planned each room with several openings towards the others. The basic shape from which they started was the hexagon and by repeating the pattern they created an overall system of rooms with six sides either of which can host an event or an exhibition.

The complex geometry might seem chaotic at first and the designers try to increase this impression through the use of exposed concrete throughout the building which along with the regular punctures makes the space look like an abandoned factory or warehouse. The neutral space can thus become anything the artist wants.

The illumination is provided by several hexagonal funnels on the roof and the perforations in the walls also permit the natural light to enter inside. These perforations create another pattern of hexagons towards the exterior that points toward the Guadalquivir River. During the night they are illuminated by LED lights to offer a glowing effect on the water.

The space contains exhibition spaces but there are also workshops, laboratories and an auditorium that can host a theatre performance, a screening or a lecture.



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