CONARTE by Anagrama

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Sep 2013 9:37 am | Other

CONARTE, meaning the Council for the Culture and Arts of Nuevo Leon is a cultural venue located in the Fundidora Park in the industrial city of Monterrey, Mexico and it was designed by the architectural practice of Anagrama in 2013.

The Fundidora Park was previously a steelworks and foundry established in 1900 and it became the home for gardens, museums, convention centers and other cultural venues. Conarte focuses on the children’s education and it is a space where the children can become attached to reading with the aid of a library.

Since the cultural center is a heritage site of the state and thus cannot be touched, the designers tried to enhance this nature and it imitates the mountainous surroundings of the city through an asymmetrical reading platform in which the children can play and learn in a dynamic space which stirs their imagination.

The installation features a richly colored palette with a lot of contrasts that transform it from its former industrial past into a joyful and entertaining space.



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