Colunata House by Mario Martins

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Oct 2016 3:00 pm | Homes

The Colunata House located in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal was designed by the architect Mario Martins with a geometry that has a lot of edges making it blend in with the rocky landscape of the shore and maintaining a constant visual connection with the splendid surroundings.

The curved shape of the structure made large openings toward the central swimming pool possible and you can also see the sea nearby. The edges and daring geometry make the house appear quite futuristic but this doesn’t reduce its functional design in any way.

The white exterior is continued inside but the furniture is all black to add contrast and elegance to the ambiance. No extra decorative elements were used in order to maintain the simple design and the only piece of glamour inside is the chandelier hanging above the dining table.

The sharp edges of the façade aren’t transported inside and the design here tries to create the feeling of peace and comfort while also making you constantly aware of the beautiful natural surroundings through the extensive use of glass.



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