Colorful Modern Apartment by Plasterlina

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Aug 2014 7:50 pm | Apartments


This contemporary apartment in Warsaw, Poland was designed by the Plasterlina architectural practice with a colorful interior that employs the space available at its maximum potential to provide relaxing areas, entertainment zones and a home office.

The predominant tones are white on the ceiling and floor with touches of black and wooden surfaces bring a natural touch inside. The neutral colors are enriched by the richly colored carpet and throw pillows.

The windows are from floor to ceiling and this brings sufficient natural light inside while also offering an overview of the surrounding urban landscape. The impressive part is that instead of using walls, the designers only implemented partitions so that each area is clearly defined but there is a constant visual connection between them.

The small kitchen is hidden behind sliding doors so that it is out of sight when it isn’t used. There are mirrors throughout to increase the sense of space and the reflective black tiles add a luxurious vibe to the design.



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