Collège de Labarthe-sur-Lèze by LCR Architectes

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Aug 2014 6:02 am | Education

This public middle school is located in Labarthe-sur-lez, France and it was designed by the practice of LCR Architectes to meet the high environmental standards which a future public building should worry about as well as offer an efficient education space.

The exterior stands out due to its copper wrapping and there are two axes defining its layout, one of them giving access from the traffic circle and thus defining the functional organization, while the other one is perpendicular to the main road and thus organizes the interior layout.

This setting determines the implementation of all components and there are two floors with a north-south orientation which give access to the logistics, catering, social, general as well as specialized functions of the school.

The façade is made to stand out and to connect with the surroundings through glass surfaces as well as expansive copper panels and aluminum bars. The interior has an orange tone predominating to create a transition from the brown exterior.


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