Clean And Bright Danish Apartment

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Oct 2013 8:06 pm | Apartments

Located in the city of Soborg, Denmark, this apartment is bright and elegant allowing abundant natural light inside through its large windows. The white walls make it seem more spacious and reduce the effect of the sloped walls.

Since it is an attic apartment it opted for skylights to make it even brighter while the flooring uses a light wooden texture to make it cozier and maintain the neutral color palette. Shades of turquoise, blue and green complete the ambiance and there are several exposed beams to add a natural color to the interior.

The connection between rooms is made through a simple staircase and the choice for light fixtures is very impressive since they seem elegant and delicate at close range while from afar they are almost unnoticeable and don’t crowd up the rooms.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 67 square meters and although it doesn’t have a high ceiling the choice of colors and decorations makes up for this in making the rooms appear as spacious and welcoming.



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