Cheese Bar at the Melia Sarria Hotel by estudiHal

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Oct 2014 6:21 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Melia Sarria Hotel features a cheese bar designed by the estudiHal architectural practice with a vertical garden located in Barcelona, Spain to occupy the ground floor of the building with a great meeting point and dining venue.

The project spreads over a surface of 400 square meters and has a great façade comprised of a wooden framework that has several patterns continuing indoors. The entrance is continues with a lounge where the visitors can rest comfortably and the central core of the project is the large vertical garden.

Next to the garden is a large communal table and the entire ambiance is highly contemporary and fresh due to the choice of materials that are mostly comprised of marble, oak and copper with textiles added throughout for a more diverse and complex aesthetic.

The interior of the restaurant continues the green theme with several plantation spots that begin from the lounge area and go into the main area.

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