Changsha Meixihu International Culture and Art Center by Zaha Hadid

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Oct 2016 4:12 pm | Education, Urban

The architectural practice of Zaha Hadid announced their new project located in the city of Changsha in China, and the giant building, spreading over 115000 square meters, will become the Changsha Meixihu International Culture and Art Center.

The overall design is really unique and from afar gives the impression of something really alien which might require some time to put into perspective at first.

It will include a Grand Theater, a Contemporary Art Museum, a Multipurpose Hall and the facilities required to support these venues. Out of the three the theater will be the largest and resembles the shape of a shell with three elevated platforms that pass through a large atrium towards the performance hall that can host 1800 persons, making it the biggest theater in the city.

The center will host a plaza that all the other spaces connect to and this is also a pedestrian zone which will try to combine together the other semi-independent parts of the complex. From the plaza you will also have a great view across the Meixi Lake and you can access the Festival Island.




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