Changsha Bridge by NEXT architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Nov 2013 3:06 pm | Bridges

The first prize in the international competition to design the pedestrian bridge over the Meixi Lake in Changsha, the capital city of Hunan, China, was won by the practice of NEXT architects with their original project.

The footbridge will become “more than just a connection” since it was designed as an attractive public space that will integrate recreational, ecological and touristic programs in the elevated parkway spreading over 150 meters in length and 24 meters in height. This will comprise the new lake district in the Dragon King Harbor River development.

According to the designers Michael Schreinemachers and John van de Water, the structure tries to use the principle of the Mobius ring as well as reference the Chinese knot used in the ancient decorative Chinese folk art thus integrating the contemporary concepts with the traditional elements.

The project will begin construction in 2014.


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